This Just Got Real. Helping bring freedom and encouragement to our community!

This Easter season we celebrate the freedom Jesus brings to all who trust in Him and his finished work on the cross. There are many today who are in slavery of one form or another, and we want to live out the message of Jesus in a practical way, sharing His love with our community.

Starting April 6th and going through the Easter season, we are reaching out to victims of human trafficking, people in addiction recovery, and families of the incarcerated. Each week we will present a list of items to purchase, we'll collect items the following week, and they will be passed on to our partner organizations.

Join us as we work together to share the love of Jesus with people in desperate need of the freedom He offers. His love, His grace, His forgiveness, His hope and encouragement, will be gathered and gifted in April. Spread the word and let's make a difference by simply responding to Jesus together!

  • Crossroads Family Room
  • Tuesday, April 01

Volunteer Infusion

You're Needed and Appreciated!

If Crossroads is your church family and you're looking for ways to step out and serve, we want to meet you and tell you about all the ways you can use your passions and skills for the Kingdom! Plan now to join us at the Volunteer Infusion on May 3 from 10am-12pm in the Chapel where you can learn more about ministry opportunities, ask questions and discover how to be a part of changing lives by simply responding to Jesus.

Need more information? Email Cindi Leamy at

  • Crossroads Chapel
  • Saturday, May 03

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